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The Basics:
Ashleigh • 22 • College Student

En France:
Je m'appelle Ashleigh, J'ai vingt-deux, et Je suis étudiante.

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♫ The Flower Garden // Joe Hisaishi // Howl's Moving Castle Original Soundtrack

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If your name is Ashley you’re going to be bratty. It’s in the name. If you’re an Ashley and you say you’re not bratty then you’re a lying brat.

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All these shall be delivered here tomorrow!!! :0

I am trying to transition into only wearing skirts and dresses because lately I just hate pants, but I’m not going to completely give up on pants either. Also I still love my leggings too!

I want to get majority basics with minor print dresses as much as possible. I mean I love prints but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to get that much wear out of them than basics, you know?

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